10 Early Signs That Your Partner Will Break Your Heart

The thrill of a new relationship is always intriguing and exciting. You’re entering a new level, meeting someone new and all those things who already past and were long forgotten with your ex, are now “firsts”. First things, first kisses, first fight, first weekend together etc.

Do you think this is the real deal for sure? Don’t you want to know if this relationship is going to last? Here are some of the early signs that your partner is not the right person and he/she’s going to left you heartbroken again.

You’re tolerating bad behavior from the start

It’s easy to put aside many things your partner is doing very wrong, just because at the beginning you’re still blinded by the passion of the new relationship.

Your partner’s always late, your partner cancels your plans in the last and worse moment, your partner’s not dedicated to you when you’re out… you can politely say what’s bothering you at the very start, just to let your partner know you are not going to tolerate this in the future. Remember that a relationship needs the efforts of both sides.

Your personal life is “on hold”

Entered a new relationship, and your friends are already complaining they are missing spending time with you, you’re not socializing with family so often etc. This is one of the worse things that could happen, because when you’re let down, that same circle of family and friends will be the ones who will be putting your life back on track.

Never miss on doing stuff you were doing before you entered the relationship and be yourself! Otherwise, it is you who is contributing for your partner to lose interest of yourself, because you’re losing all the values of your true self.

Not talking to each other

If this is happening at the very start of a new relationship, trust me, it’s not a relationship that will last. You’re both not sharing what’s most important to you and instead, you’re just pretending to care for each other.

Even if you think mentioning something would start a fight – go ahead and start a fight. It’s better to discuss misunderstandings than to pretend everything is fine and avoid something that is going to happen sooner or later.

You’re evoking past relationship experiences

This is the biggest sign your relationship is already over. It might not even be something wrong between you and your partner – you may have unresolved issues with your previous partner and are just not ready to step into a new mature relationship. Don’t bother yourself and the new partner.

Your idealizing your partner

It’s the start of a new relationship and you’re still wearing “the pink sunglasses”. This will make you even more disappointed in the future, because sooner or later you will wake up from the “magic love pill” and see your partner with your true eyes. He/she might not even be that bad, the problem would be the image you’ve already created.

Pretending to be someone else

You’re clearly seeing what you partner likes and dislikes and you’re pretending to be someone else just to avoid missing sympathy from him/her. Sooner or later, you will forget to pretend and things will work out worse than imagined. Lying is never a good idea.

You’re being too clingy

At the beginning, it’s normal to want to spend all of your free time together. However, this leaves no place for another important thing – building the bridge of trust. Being clingy is never a turn on! All your good values would go to waste, because you would be just the needy partner and a future story of a scary experience.

You’re ignoring the major differences between you two

It’s no question that two different types could be a perfect match, because they would complement each other’s gaps. However, having similar life and core values for the future and for what’s good or bad in your life is something that can not be overstepped. These are root values unlike the intellectual ones, who can be excluded from being crucially important.

You’re moving too fast

If you start picturing your future together, house, children, moving together….you might scare off your partner. Being ready to commit to early is as bad of a sign as not being ready to commit at all.

Someone’s being over controlling

You want a partner, not a third parent in your life. Is your partner is constantly reading and checking your phone messages, social networks, wandering through old photos etc…it’s a total turn off and a sign of a person who’s not able to build trust without being next to you.

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