10 Lustful Sex Tips For Men (Make HER Hips Shake With Desire)

When it comes to new and innovative sex tips, women are different in their taste and choices. The sex tips that men love, maybe some women do not love.

That’s the reason, it is important for man like you to have thorough knowledge about the best sex tips and tantric sex touches that will make your girl’s HIPS SHAKE with extreme pleasure.

So, if you are ready to learn some amazing sex tips for men that are different from our routine sex styles then, read this article till the end.

#1. Sex Tips for men

Many men think that women are equally attuned to the speed and rhythm of a man’s touch. This is a fallacy.

How you touch and caress her can vary in speed but the rhythm should not alter.

Starting sex slowly is a great way to get her all warmed up to the act. As the sex progresses, women prefer the speed (including that of thrusting) to increase, culminating to a boil as an orgasm approaches.

But make sure the overall rhythm or tempo remain the same.

#2. Sex Advice For Men.

Remember that a woman’s vagina is naturally blessed with lubrication but her anus isn’t.

If you really want her to enjoy sex without hurting her, make sure she is sufficiently lubricated.

Start off by using a condom that has a great amount of lubricant. Or apply generous amounts of a water based lubrication on your penis before you get started.

And don’t go thrusting deep into her right away. Begin with slow and shallow penetration and watch her reaction. Let her get used to this new form of penetration.

#3. Women on Top Position Sex Tips.

Unlike the conventional woman-on-top position that involves a

forward/backward thrusting motion, position her in a squatting position and raise her butt up and down during penetration.

Let her control the pace, starting with fast shallow thrusts and then moving into deeper, slower thrusts.

The incredible amount of friction will create titillating sensations along the edge of the vaginal opening during shallow thrusts, and hit the G-spot during deep penetration.

Another trick: Let her lean backwards and rest her hands on your knees and thighs.

This will create an amazing stimulation in her clitoris. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to fondle her for added stimulation.

#4.Lie on your sides sex tips.

Lie on your sides and allow both your bodies to face each other really close. Raise her upper leg, slide inside her and drape her leg over yours tightly.

Push both your feet against a wall. It adds greater power and intensity during penetration, and provides intense stimulation to her clitoris while she is hugging your trunk with her legs.

Besides being great for creating intimacy, this position initiates sex at a leisurely pace that progresses into an intense, heart-pounding action that will blow her mind.

#5. Best Sex Tips for G Spot Stimulation.

Female G Spot is a very special place that you can easily probe and deeply awaken her innermost desires.

And one of the best ways to achieve this is by first creating “neural pathways” between the brain and the female genitals through touch arousal.

Let her know exactly WHERE you are pleasuring her as your hands (or mouth) move along the sensuous pleasure spots on her body.

Basically, talk as you touch her. The auditory signals will help her feel the sensations FASTER and accelerate the neural connections.

Sex tip #6.

Did you know that when a woman’s feet are warm, they significantly increase the odds of her achieving an orgasm?

The part of a woman’s brain that controls genital sensations is also intricately linked to her feet. So when her feet are warm and cozy, the sexual sensations are wired directly to her nether regions as well.

So try leaving her socks on during sex! Alternatively, giving her a sensuous foot massage with a warming gel will work its sexy magic too.

Sex tip #8

During sex, a woman’s sense of smell is the most powerful among all her five senses. Firstly, anything that is remotely musky mimics testosterone and will boost her libido. Secondly, that part of her brain that deals with smell also handles sex and memory.

Thus anything that arouses her through her sense of smell will leave a lasting impression. Hint: Put on that musky cologne BEFORE sex. It will turn her on massively… even if she doesn’t notice it!

Sex tip #9

Did you know that the right side of her spine will titillate her sexual nerves faster than her left?

This is because her right side is controlled by the left hemisphere of her brain that handles logical cognitive abilities.

So pay special attention to this erogenous part of her back. Kiss, caress and stroke her gently there.

Make your moves curvy – it is a LOT more intense than a direct touch and you will get a LOT more mileage in preparing her mind for sensational lovemaking!

Sex tip #10

Women have this amazing ability to increase their alternate sensory awareness when one of their senses is inhibited.

For instance, when you blindfold her, her sense of touch, smell and hearing will suddenly become amplified.

Use this to your advantage and create a sensual build-up during sex.

She will try hard to hazard a guess what you are going to do next, or which part of her body you are going to venture upon.

Her sense of touch will become doubly sensitive when she cannot see, so pay your attention to those sensuous spots where she normally loves to be touched. These will send her temperatures racing very quickly.

So there you have it… 10 tried-and-tested best sex tips for men to spice up your sex life and give your wife or lover amazing sex that will blow her mind.

For starters, pick a few of those sex tips that YOU like, and put them to action tonight.

I promise… you WILL see (and feel) something sensational when you do!

The key to sensational sex is to simply learn about your partner’s sexual landscape, understanding how her body works and making her melt with passion.

Make time to learn new things to do with each other in bed. She will be sexually and emotionally fulfilled, and you will be amply rewarded with the most wondrous sex you had ever imagined!

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