10 sex positions for a gym-worthy workout in bed

In order to increase your strength, it is not necessary to lift weights. Believe it or not, but sex can replace you a full-body workout.

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It may help you tone your body, build muscles and boost strength. All you need to do is to be creative with sex positions. That is why in this article, we would like to show you ten sex positions for a gym-worthy workout in bed.

This bed workout was created by a sex therapist, Madeline Castellanos and a certified personal trainer, Vanessa Castro. We are sure that your partner will be more than happy to help you obtain your fitness goals. Are you interested? Scroll down to read about these sex positions more.

#1. This pose may help you strengthen your quadriceps.

Start in the cowgirl position and then turn it into the frog position. Place your feet on the bed and move.

#2. This pose may help you tone your arm muscles.

Try a doggy-style position in order to force your upper body muscles work.

#3. This pose may help you wake up your glutes and hamstrings.

Get yourself into a lunge position, while your partner should sit on a couch. Place your left foot on the couch and your right foot on the floor.

#4. This pose may help you burn lower belly fat.

In order to burn abdominal fat, you need to try a lotus pose. It targets your core and abs muscles.

#5. This pose may help you sculpt your triceps.

This pose is similar to the lotus position, but you need to place your palms onto the bed.

#6. This pose may help you strengthen your hip flexors.

If you like performing squats at the gym, you can try the squat sex pose in your bed.

#7. This pose may help you make your abs flat.

In order to melt your muffin top, lie on your back and put the backs of your thighs against your partner’s chest. Then lift up your upper body into a crunch during sex.

#8. This pose may help you define your delts.

Get into a doggy-style pose. Make sure you support yourself only with your arms, not knees.

#9. This pose may help you tone your legs and buttocks.

Sex standing up can help you lift your buttocks and tone your legs. It is also beneficial for your partner’s arm muscles.

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#10. This pose may help you tone all major muscles of the body.

The Bridge pose is another sex position, which may tone your body and strengthen your arms. This pose will be familiar to people who practice yoga.

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