5 Fun Fall Activities to Burn Major Calories

Cooler weather and outdoor activities are part of what make fall fantastic. But this can also be a great opportunity to up the ante on your calorie burning potential. Getting outside and moving more automatically puts you at a major advantage to sitting indoors in front of a computer or TV. After all, being sedentary is one of the biggest downfalls to healthy living. But when you add in some fun fall activities to help keep you on your feet and moving around, you can really make a difference in your health.

Don’t let those beautiful and crisp fall days slip away without spending some time outside! We’ve rounded up some of the fall activities that are not only fun to do but can help you get fit in the process.

Here are five fun fall activities to help you get fit this autumn season:

1. Go Pumpkin Picking

fall activities

Nothing is more quintessentially “fall” than visiting a pumpkin patch and picking out that perfect pumpkin. But this fun activity can also burn calories. Squatting to pick the pumpkin up and carrying it around helps build muscle mass. And the more you hike around the patch—particularly while holding a heavy pumpkin—the more calories you’ll blast. So, take your time and enjoy that fresh autumn air. You’ll make memories and contribute to a healthier lifestyle, too.

2. Pick Apples, Too!

apple picking

Similar to pumpkin picking, walking around an orchard and reaching up to pick apples can also burn calories. Reach, stretch, twist and pick! It’s like a yoga sequence. Again, the more time you spend walking around (and on your feet), the more calories you’ll torch. Plus, think of all the healthy apple snacks you’ll be able to make—helping with your plan to eat better, too. Apples are a superfood which are fat, sodium and cholesterol free, plus they’re high in vitamin C and fiber.

3. Get Lost in a Corn Maze

fall activities

Getting lost on purpose is not something we’re accustomed to when we have navigation apps at our fingertips these days! But chasing your kids—or maybe your date—through a corn maze is another way to take in some fall fun while burning calories. You’ll easily get in your daily steps if you choose a tough maze and you’ll have found a fun way to do it! Maybe make it an ongoing activity by trying out some different mazes in your area and determining which you like best.

 4. Do Some Fall Foliage Hikes

fall activities

If the fall foliage is one of your favorite aspects of the season, then plan some solo or family hikes to truly take it all in. You’ll certainly get in plenty of steps and if you choose a more challenging terrain, you’ll blast away even more calories. Look for hikes that include some areas of incline to build and define those leg muscles. The cooler and crisp autumn air often makes it less taxing to go long distances. Plus, you’ll be able to fully take in all of nature’s beauty as you go. It’s a great way to spend a weekend day.

5. Rake the Leaves

fall activities

So, it’s not exactly fun, but if you have a lot of trees on your property, raking needs to get done and it just so happens that it’s a killer arm and core workout! In general, getting outside and performing some fall yard cleanup is a great calorie-torching activity. According to Harvard Health Publishing, raking the lawn can burn around 149 calories in a 155-pound person. It has the benefit of not only keeping your body in top shape but your lawn, too! If you truly want to summon your inner child and make this activity more fun, take some running jumps into your leaf piles before hauling them away.

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