Entire Life You’re Sleeping On The Wrong Position!

You’re probably sleeping wrong, because a scientific study showed the perfect sleep position for optimal rest. And when you consider that you’re spending one third of the day sleeping, this might not be so good for your lifespan and overall body health…

Sleep deprivation and insomnia are already proven to be related to stress, heart attacks or nerve racks. So you better read this and prevent all this and so much more.

How to know if you’re sleeping in the wrong position? Well, first of all

  • You don’t feel rested in the morning,
  • You wake up every hour,
  • You feel chronic pain in the neck, the chest or somewhere else in your body,
  • You wake up with a headache,
  • You feel stiffed,
  • Your partner tells you that you were snoring like crazy.

These are all signs that the position of sleeping is not suitable for you and your good night’s rest.

Here are some tips how NOT to sleep and how to IMPROVE your sleeping position:

Sleeping on the stomach

  • Don’t sleep on your stomach if you sleep on a high and firm pillow, because this will cause neck and back pain for sure, and on longer stages, it might even cause scoliosis
  • Try sleeping without a pillow for your head, or use many little, soft pillows to support your arms, belly, back while sleeping on the stomach
  • Try the “U shape” pillows, specially designed for pregnant women

Sleeping on the back

  • Don’t use a firm or high pillow to sleep on your back either, because you will feel the same pain in the neck and the spine and lower back. Using a hard and high pillow is actually never a good idea
  • Use a pillow to put it below your feet or knees for a better spine support and reducing the possible snoring this position contributes to

Sleeping on the side

  • Use a pillow to put between your knees to prevent you lower back making an “s shape” while sleeping and thus, feeling a lower back pain in the morning
  • Hugging a pillow might also help the neck and jaw pain most side sleepers feel in the morning
  • Always sleep on the side if you feel heartburn or increased acid in your gut, also, if you’re a heavy snorer, make sleeping on the side an everyday habit

Follow these advices and always check what’s wrong with you at the moment. If you snore, sleep on the side, if you have acid reflux, switch sides, if you have back pain, put an additional support pillow between your knees.

It seems that sleeping on the side is the best suitable position for any kind of pain and struggles – you just have to guess the right pillow to sleep on!

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