Things To Avoid For Better Breast Health

Breasts need care for more than cosmetic reasons. Over 3 million women are suffering from breast cancer in the United States, according to a study conducted in 2015 . It is sometimes hard to detect illnesses related to breasts because, sometimes, no symptoms occur in the affected persons. But it is possible for all women to take good care of their breasts in order to reduce the chances of breast-related illnesses. The bonus is that, with proper care, your breasts can make you look youthful and attractive.

   So, read on to find out what you should avoid in order to take good care of your breasts.  

1. Is Your Bra The Right Size?

The primary purpose of a bra is to support your breasts. Some women wrongly assume that wearing a smaller bra can make their breasts look more appealing. However, they are bound to end up with back pain and blisters from fabric that cuts into their tender skin. And the acute discomfort and suffocation that they undergo, which can ruin the whole day, cannot be described in words! So, try out different sizes and shapes to find out what suits you. Be comfortable as well as healthy with the right bra supporting you.  

2. Removing Nipple Hair

Generally, the hair around the nipple is barely visible, as it is rather thin and delicate. In rare cases, a little extra hair may appear due to hormonal changes in your body. These internal changes will only ensure that your hair will grow again. Removing it can also be a painful process. It is not worth the trouble to damage the skin around your nipples. 

3. Playing It Rough In Bed

Breasts bruise easily, given the tenderness of the skin and tissue around your mammary glands. While it is possible for the rough-and-tumble to go overboard during intercourse, it would be wiser to keep it gentle and avoid marks and scars on one’s breasts. 

4. Nipple Piercing

 There is potential for so much to go wrong with this practice. Imagine that you bleed excessively or that you have to live with an infection. Nerve damage can be very painful, or make your breasts lose all sensation. Suppose you get an ugly scar? Or worse, think of infections like hepatitis and HIV! You are definitely better off without the piercing. 

5. Smoking

Smoking can lead to several diseases, which is probably why the damage it can do to the skin and tissues is rarely discussed. Smokers lose the elasticity of their skin as chemicals in cigarettes destroy collagen. The breast tissue being amongst the softest, they get damaged very easily and cause your breasts to sag. 

6. Poor Support During Aerobics

So, you love working out with a group of friends in the aerobics class? Watch any video that teaches the exercises and you will find that the instructors and participants are not wearing a normal bra. This is because the repeated body movements that occur during exercise or jogging are a strain on the breast tissue and can damage them permanently. Hence, invest in good sports bras that help you exercise without harmful side effects to your breasts. 

7. Wrong Sleeping Posture

Women with larger bosoms think that if they slept on their stomach, crushing their breasts in the process, they will end up with smaller breasts that are easy to manage. However, they actually stand the risk of their breasts going out of shape. It is better for breast health to sleep on your back. 

8. Not Moisturizing

Moisturizers are not just for the face, arms, and legs. All the skin on your body gets dry in the cold weather, which means your breast needs moisturizing too. And when the weather becomes hot, it is important to protect it with sun screen. If you are lazy in keeping your skin hydrated, the skin on your breasts can get dry and scaly. 

9. Being Conscious Of Uneven Breasts

It is a bad idea to be conscious that your breasts are not the same size. A majority of women have breasts of different sizes and it is not a noticeable irregularity. Trying out all the methods you hear and read can be a strain on your breasts and your health. Remember that they are still beautiful and attractive, so ignore the minor difference in size. What’s more, there are bras that are made for breasts that are different in size. Breasts are always associated with feminine beauty and attractiveness. It is natural for a woman to be conscious of how her breasts appear, but this should not become an obsession and make you indulge in any of the wrong practices mentioned above. You have to be gentle with this tender part of our body and avoid taking unnecessary risks with the tissues and the skin of your breasts. Good care must be taken to keep them healthy so that they automatically look beautiful.

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