Top 6 Foods That Naturally Unclog Arteries and Prevent Heart Attacks

Arteries are responsible for carrying oxygenated blood and nutrients away from the heart to the tissues. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your arteries clear in order to carry the blood and stay healthful.

When the arteries are clogged, the heart is obstructed and clogged, so in most cases a heart attack is fatal.

Even though some heart attacks are not deadly, they all leave permanent heart damage behind. Therefore, it is of high importance to make sure you regularly hold your arteries clean.

Having a healthy, balanced diet plays a vital role, which can improve your general health and the condition of your heart.

Moreover, if you change your diet and consume more artery-friendly foods, you will boost your heart health, and your health in general.

Here are 6 foods that naturally unclog arteries and prevent heart attacks:

  • Turmeric

Containing a lot of health benefits, also known as one of the healthiest spices on the planet. The spice turmeric offers powerful anti-inflammatory compounds which, lowers bad cholesterol, deal with heart diseases, and helps in case of coronary problems.

  • Spirulina

Spirulina is a superfood plant source full of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. A daily 4,500 mg dose normalizes blood pressure and relaxes the artery walls.

  • Organic Watermelon

Organic watermelon is a healthy beast, consuming just 4,000 mg of the amino acid that is in the watermelon, lowers the blood pressure in just 6 weeks. Additionally, the nitric oxide, aids in the widening of blood vessels.

  • Organic Cranberries

Fresh organic cranberries lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart diseases by up to 40 percent. Also, they have the ability to increase the good cholesterol levels and lower the bad ones.

  • Organic Asparagus

Asparagus works through the whole 100,000 miles veins connection. Effectively prevents the formation of deadly blood clots and release accumulated clogs through the years.

  • Organic Pomegranate

Pomegranate contains phytochemicals, which protects the lining of the arteries from damage. Moreover, the risk of having a heart attack is lowered massively.

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