What Your Tongue Says About Your Health

The tongue is a very useful indicator of our health and general well-being. It is true that none of us really take the time to even see our tongues, check its color or its grooves, but perhaps we should. Based on the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the tongue provides us indicators to our health. It is valuable to pay attention to this indicator in order to know if something might be wrong with your body.

Starting off, what is Traditional Chinese Medicine? Well, it is the methodology of cure based on a mind-body viewpoint and comprehensive wellbeing practices. The practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine inspects an individual’s health in order to determine if the yin and yang in the individual’s body are in harmony.

Strange patterns on the tongue can be precursors to major diseases or ailments and should be paid due attention. They can reflect the lack of sleep, bad diet, illnesses, or the presence of unwanted bacteria. So it is vital for an individual to spot the signs of illness or issues and make meaningful changes to mitigate it. Here are 8 indicators that the tongue presents about your health:

  • Pale Tongue

The usual color for a tongue is pink with a thin and white covering. If it appears to be “bloodless” or pale in appearance, there might be underlying concerns. According to Dr. Amanda Frick, lead doctor for naturopathy at Harvey health, ‘it is a sign of the presence of cold in the human body’.

Or it is also possible that the body might be facing an iron deficiency. This deficiency can be mitigated by the consumption of beets or a good steak.

  • Bright Red Tongue

As opposed to a pale and colorless tongue, if the tongue happens to be redder than usual, it might be indicating a presence of excessive heat in the body. It is considered to be a sign of the shortage of yin in the body which is caused due to inappropriate or poor eating habits.

This can be mitigated by the consumption of foods like watermelon, cucumber, and avoiding the excess consumption of spicy food.

  • Purple Tongue

A purple and dark tongue is an indicator of stagnation of blood while a tongue which looks crimson purple is the pointer to extreme heat, especially if it is in addition to a dry coat.

This might be related to a respiratory illness. Increasing exercise and consuming foods like ginger and cayenne is useful.

  • Bluish Purple Tongue

This color of the tongue is caused by the stagnation of blood. In the event the whole tongue is of this color, then it is a pointer to pathogenic cold. Also, if the tongue exhibits spots on the edges and sides, it is also a pointer towards blood stagnation.

An appropriate solution to this is to get some physical exercise to let the blood circulate properly in the body.

  • Thick Covering

A white covering that is thin is a usual occurrence but when it is thick, then it must be taken note of. The presence of thick white covering is indicative of a cold ailment.

  • The Tongue is Splotchy and Red

In case the tongue is red, without a coat, and dry, there might be ageneration of excessive body heat. The presence of red splotches that appear ‘peeled’ indicates that the individual is dehydrated and needs water. This problem can be solved by consuming adequate amounts of water.

  • The Alterations are localized in Certain Places

Traditional Chinese Medicine specifies that certain areas of the tongue are linked to specific organs in the body. The very tip is said to be linked to the heart, the forward area is linked to the two lungs, the very center is linked to the stomach and the spleen, the sides are linked to the gallbladder and the liver, and lastly, the back area is linked to the small and large intestines. Conclusively, the area of discoloration or alteration is linked to a problem in the corresponding organ.

  • Puffiness in the Tongue

The buildup of dampness can cause the tongue to look puffy or enlarged. The consumption of vegetable and fruits can remedy this problem. But it is also necessary to avoid oily food. It is also to be noted that a puffy tongue can also indicate hypothyroidism. It is a condition during which the thyroid does not generate appropriate amounts of vital hormones. This condition should be inspected by a health professional at the very earliest.

  • Marks of Teeth on the Tongue

If there are visible teeth marks on the edges of the tongue, it is referred to as being ‘scalloped’, an indication of sogginess or a deficiency of the energy flow in the body [qi] or even a problem with the spleen. In case the symptoms are accompanied by loose bowels, digestive problems, or fatigue, it is time to schedule a doctor’s appointment.

  • Presence of Crack on the Tongue

This occurrence is a common indicator of shortage and is usually witnessed in the deficiency of yin and is usually an image of the imbalance of hormones. In case you think that the hormones in your body are not right, then it is ideal to get checked by a specialist and figure out how to solve the issue.

So the next time you have a mirror in front of you which you might use to put on makeup or just your regular bathroom mirror, it is worth taking some time to check your tongue. Keep an eye out for changes in textures, bumps, colors, and other facets that are indicative of your wellbeing. It is worth keeping a check on everything in your body. Stay healthy!

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