Natural Home Remedies To Keep Your Breasts Perky And Prevent Them From Sagging

 We so happen to live in a world that is patriarchal, which is why these are a number of standards that women have to live up to. If those standards are unrealistic or not is a conversation for another day! Women’s bodies are minutely scrutinized to the last inch, to the level that they even have to maintain a certain structure and shape even when their breasts are concerned.

If you are someone who is facing the problem of their breasts being saggy, allow me to help you out. Following is a list of seven home remedies that will help you keep them perky and firm.

Cucumber And Egg Yolk Mask

This one is easy and does its job perfectly. All you have to do is blend some cucumber and egg yolk together, add some cream to smoothen the paste, and then apply it on your breasts. A half an hour wait time will be enough. Both the ingredients will toughen up your breasts tissues and work to keep them firm!

Egg white

Basically, all parts of the egg are pretty useful in your quest to achieve firm breasts. The white portion is rich in lipids that will help you maintain and nourish your skin and hold them high. The process for this one is pretty simple and straightforward as well. All you have to do is beat the egg white until you can see foam and the next step is applying the foam on your breasts. Remember to wash it off after thirty minutes, in onion or cucumber juice, and take a cold shower thereafter.


Before I even get into the technicalities of this one, the first and foremost thing is to always wear a sports bra when you exercise. The ones that will help you keep it together when we talk about the breasts are chest pulls, arm raises, and dumbbell flies.

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