Different postures and many movements we do with our bodies have not been taught, simply, they come naturally, unconsciously. this is why we will focus on how you close your hand on this occasion, as the position of your fisted hand can reveal many aspects of your personality, how you relate to others or how to deal with life.

This is a simple test that will not take you long, you just have to look closely at how you position your fingers when you close your fist hand, this can reveal how our character is and how we behave in couple relationships.

Fisting with your hand is a fairly normal thing, sometimes the cause can be stress, frustration, annoyance, and many other factors. Maybe you do not know much about this practice, but it can reveal things about your personality that will lick you openly.

The first thing you have to do is close your hand and observe it very carefully, then look at the following image and select the one that comes closest to the way you close your fist. Are you ready to know everything about your personality?

How do you close your hand?

1. All fingers above the thumb

How do others see you:

For the other six creatives, people who have creativity are usually very intelligent. Your emotion affects everyone, your enthusiasm and your availability are always on the agenda, however, sometimes you may be very lunatic. People think that the more you mirror the arts, the way you have them, you have the talent, the feeling, and the artist’s fabric. They consider you very smart and prudent. Harmony and tranquility are part of your daily life.

How are you really:

You are a quiet person, kind of kind and prudent, you prefer not to talk about hurting someone. You are very sociable and in your hands. You are a free soul that pursues your dreams, and even if you are very sympathetic, you prefer to have few friends because you want to be surrounded by true and loyal people.

When you fall in love:

The plays are not yours, you prefer a quiet relationship, a relationship where you can be yourself, where you can feel free and relaxed. Sometimes, even when you’re not okay, you tend to stay because you are very compassionate, you do not like to hurt and you do not like being hurt. Forget and forgive very quickly, a feature that only a few have. You do not like dramas and for this, you prefer relaxed and comfortable situations. If you recognize it, do not forget to lean on a Like on the Facebook page by looking at how to learn and leave a comment.

2. Thumb over your fingers

How do others see you:

You are a very friendly person, people tend to trust you easily, you have charisma and talent. Your self-esteem is really impressive. You are flexible and attentive, in any situation you are trying to be right.
How are you really:

On several occasions, fear is imposed on you and prevents you from doing many things, you always fear that someone can hurt you, you are very sensitive and heartfelt. Your expectations are always very large, but you lose them and so do not risk it. What really makes you happy is the esteem and affection of the people you love, want them there when you need them, because you always have them when they have it, or appreciate when things are reciprocal.

When you fall in love:

You can not leave your past behind and do not even get rid of memories that have hurt you. You are always afraid to open your heart, even if you want to do it, but you do not do it because you fear it is a failure or that you can break your heart. So raise a barrier and show yourself disinterested in the theme of love. If you recognize it, do not forget to lean on a Like on the Facebook page by looking at how to learn and leave a comment.

3 Thumb Up to Index

How do others see you:

Your main weapons are intuition and imagination. For the other six, you are a very generous and collaborative person who, however, sometimes shows insecurity. You are enthusiastic, but only with what you like. Are you curious, what to explore, do not like to remain with doubts, be impatient and persistent, chase your interests? You have a great sense of humor, something that ends up attracting everyone’s attention, for which you are always surrounded by many people. You have the leader’s fabric.

How are you really:

You like honesty and you are a person who has no meaning. You are gentle and respectful, show great nobility and goodness, however, be careful… many people could take advantage of it. The good thing is that you have a sixth sense to help you identify who really appreciates you and who cares for you.

When you fall in love:

You have difficulty expressing what you feel, not because you are not trying it, you are simply reserved in love affairs. Although love is very important for you, tend to put it in the background, your dreams have priority, but in the meantime, you dream of having someone who really loves you. If you recognize it, do not forget to lean on a Like on the Facebook page by looking at how to learn and leave a comment.

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